United Nations

Grove Harris - UN Women's Major Group

I am the Main Representative to the United Nations and Acting Executive Director for the Temple of Understanding (one of the oldest interfaith organizations inthe U.S., with ECOSOC status at the United Nations).  We are working to offer moral and ethical inputs to the UN's environmental work. These links are to webpages I am finding useful in my work at the UN.

Part of my work involves researching US environmental initiatives, to lift up the grassroots, municipal, and networking efforts that are offering leadership in the US.  In the UN, the question of the political will for change comes up; people in the US (and elsewhere, or course) are laying the groundwork and implementing needed changes, as well as expressing these needs politically.  Here are a few of the many examples, and mapping work has begun in a set of major US cities, including Boston, New York City, Philadelphia, and San Francisco, to continue the effort to lift up these projects and enhance synergy among them.

Other resources for the development of social and economic alternatives include: 

Creative social networking actions include: